Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nun Soravuth’s Background and Experiences

I am Soravuth who was born on October 10, 1989 in Khyang Village, Svay Commune, Samkey Meanchey District of Kampong Chhnang Province, upon completion of primary schooling at local area (Khyang Village), in 2004 I continued my secondary and high school at Oudong high school (8 kilo meters from my village). I have been come to school by bicycle. After, I have been accomplished high school in 2009; I really want to resume my study at University, so I have decided to ask my parents, “Would you mind, I wanted to resume my study at University?” “We really want you to resume your study at University, but you see our family is poor, so how we could able to have enough money for the consumption in your study; moreover, how could we earn our living without you when you had already gone? ”, my parents reply. After that, I explained my parents, “No I might not need much money, because I would try to join the scholarship examination; further more, I would find a part time job which can provide me some money to support my study.” My parents saw my curious in resuming my study at University, so finally I had been allowed to go to Phnom Penh and find the scholarship exam. Then I had came to Phnom Penh for finding universities which granted scholarship, so finally I had joined the scholarship exam at Khemarak University, as a result I have got scholarship one year at that University. Now I am a sophomore student at Khemarak University, majoring in International Relations (Year II). Beside my study at Khemarak, I used to hold English Course for Academic Studies at University of Cambodia and have attempted to resume my English bachelor at this University also but I have already quit it because I had not had enough money to pay for school fee.
    I have five siblings 3 brothers and 2 sisters; I am the second son in my family. My father is 56 years old, is a farmer and my mother is 55 years old, is a housewife, beside housewife my mother has vended vegetable for taking money to support family. In spite of being tough to earn living in my family, my parents still try very hard to earn it because they want all their children are able to study. However, I am too concern that my younger brother will have been quit his school because he is not able to go to school every day because he is busy to help my parents.
    I was born to a poor family in Kompong Chhnang Province and had grown up with a firm confident by following my father’s advice which he had told me that “Did not let the destiny to set our life". This sentence has a valuable meaning for me and it can motivate me to try hard in studying and working too. Due to, the poor status in my family I try to work a lots like when I was 12 years old I used to carry the roast cassava for selling in my village and also across to another village too. Especially, when I study at high school I didn’t have enough time for learning because after I finished class I rush to go home for driving the car to carry the watermelon from farm to market. Sometime I drive until 2 am in the morning because the car was broken. Beside such kind of work I mentioned above, while I was studying at high school too someday in the morning, I have been hired myself as a porter to push the mini-truck for carrying vegetable in the market before I went to school at 6:50 am. After I have accomplished high school and resumed my study at university I said to myself that I must have a job, at least I must have a voluntary part time job. Finally I am able to get a voluntary part time job at Outstanding Youth Group (OYG). This job is my interest one because it worked with youth at each universities; especially, built youth capacity and also involve with the society too. Beside my voluntary job at (OYG), I used to work as an intern for AngkorOne.com Company. While I was working for this company it allows me to know many things related to the context of work and also provide a chance for me to use Internet that I have never known before.
    Finally, through my tough life, I realize that “Life is full of struggling and competition too.” Everything can be occurred by our willingness. Even I am a little bit difficult to study because lacking of money but I never be hopeless, so I think that “poorness is not the barrier to hinder our study”. I always keep trying with be hopeful, because I remind myself that “Hope and believe are the energy of my life”. I try to think how I can achieve my destination and walk with smile toward it!!!

My perspective to change me to a greater effectiveness in what I hope to do in my life after I get through training leadership and conflict transformation.
    Of course, all the people always have the same wish is want to live with success and happiness but some people don’t know the way that can bring them to this stage. In order to reach at that stage we need to join training courses like leadership, because it can be a map to point us whether which way we should go? Although some people had joined this course, they still didn’t change anything. To link this topic to become more meaningful, I would like to raise one question is that “what do you expect training in leadership, conflict transformation to prepare you for a greater effectiveness in what you hope to do in your life?” Before I answer this question we should know the meaning what is leadership?  Leadership mean that the way that we try to think wisely to find the strategies to lead ourselves or/and lead a group of people. Leadership also means responsibility, so we have to make ourselves to become an accountable person. For instance, if I was a representative of my class, I had to try to think how I can lead my class effectively; in order to make the students in my class is full of quality and how can I gain more supporters in the following term? Leadership can point us to the answer of the questions above. In conclusion, leadership mean that the good way that we lead ourselves and other people else.
    If I had complete training in leadership, I expected that I will have been changed to have good and special points for me to prepare for my greater effectiveness in what I hope to do in my life like: 1. Have a Good Strategic Thinking, it means that if I had complete leadership training, I would become a good thinker. It pushes me to have more percentages of positive result from my thinking. Our thought is really important for us “Our thought can create our life”. 2. Good at Financial Using, it means that through this course it can make me know in using money wisely and effectively, because it is hard to earn. 3. Have a Good Collaboration, it means that if I had come across this course, I would be good at collaboration. Improve relationships with my friends and other.  Be a better partner, understand their goals and needs, and learn to work together to help achieve each other’s goals. 4. Have a Good Time Management, I would be able to use my time wisely and effectively. I know which one that I have to do first. Get a handle on where I’m wasting time and shift my focus to more value-added activities. Learn ways to work more efficiently and prioritize. 5. Have a Good Life Plan it would allow me to know the way to set my time to do my life plan appropriately.
    In conclusion, through my perspectives which I have mentioned above, I think that if I were able to join to this course, my life would be changed more far than before. Beside my perspective above, I think that my attitude will be changed to the good one also.
My special area of interest in conflict transformation and leadership
    Conflict transformation and leadership are the every important for all human being. To solve the conflict with effectively is the solving that provides us the positive result and also the solving with peaceful or we can call win-win solution. In order to reach at the win-win solution, we need to know the clues in conflict transformation.  Here are my special area of conflict transformation and leadership: 1. Find the sources of the conflict, it is really important for us, because when we know the sources it can make us to come up with more ideas in solving it. 2. Discuss the problem with friends, when we have already known the sources of the problem we take it to discuss with our friends, so that we can get more idea from them. 3. Find the Strategies, after we have more idea from our friends we take it to brainstorm and decide to find the strategies from those ideas.
    Finally, I think that a good conflict transformation and leadership is the method to transform the conflict into the good relationship. To transform from the conflict into the good relationship can be achieved by following the clues which I have already mentioned above.

Statement of intent
    I have decided to apply to ask for a dormitory at your center, because I think that it can help me to cut down my consumption on rent room; moreover, I will have the opportunity to improve my ability through your training courses such as leadership etc. Especially, I hope that when I am able to join in your center I can change my attitude, because your center was named that “Attitude Center for Education”.  On the other hand, I expect to have an opportunity to joined the activities related to society development and also can share my knowledge which I have acquired from school to built youth capacity through your center and other NGOs else, because I think that “we can make Cambodia better, as long as, Cambodians are better first”. Beside, having dormitory for me I will be able to use the tools in your center related to my study like computer, books etc.
    I promise that I will receive and follow all the regulations in your center. If I had a chance to join in your center, I would make myself be a part in sharing my experiences and knowledge as much as I can to the youths and other else who are involve in your center.

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